01/05/2013 @ 11:31 AM
5’5″ 205 lbs


Hey there! I guess I could start by letting you know a little about myself. My name is Tamara Nicole Terry born in Temple, Tx. I’m 24 years old and now reside in Crooks, Sd with my handsome boyfriend Kirby and our beautiful one year old daughter Brynnadele. I love them both dearly might I add… I also have two younger brothers, 20 &21, who live in Georgia. My Grandmother on my mothers side is still living and lives in Sioux Falls. My mother lives in Sioux Falls as well and was recently diagonsed with HIV which was given to her by her now boyfriend Robert “Scoop” Montgomery. My father also resides in Sioux Falls with his wife Jeanette… He has also been diagonosed with a terminal illness, ALS and Picks disease. Well anyways enough about me and lets get on track with the real reason I started this blog. I have never done anything like this before but I thought it might help me and like Im sure everyone else says help other people as well. It all started last night my boyfriend and I were talkin about what kind of diet I should be on and I jokingly said I should be bulimia nervosa. His response I rather you stay fat then do that. Its not him that hurt me, I mean I’m always say it myself. But this had been the 3rd time in one week Ive heard this. Once at work by some guy, my father borrowed me his coveralls and told me I might not fit them bc it looks like I had gained alot of weight , he can say these things due to his Picks disease. So I stayed up until 3:20 in the morning thinking of what I want to do about this situation. So like I said I decided to start this blog in hopes to save my self from obesity.

Tamara Nicole Terry